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Choosing the perfect outdoor rugs in South Africa

A striking outdoor rug should beautifully complement your outdoor patio furniture and create an additional ‘room’ in the house. South Africans love entertaining, and there’s no reason why our patio or deck shouldn’t be a seamless extension of our stylish interior space. The trick is to find the right rug for outdoors that stays looking fresh and stylish for a long time. Take a look at our outdoor rugs South Africa range online today to see what we have on offer for you.

We offer our customers exquisite Persian and Oriental rugs that are made with attention to detail, patterns and colors. Take a look at this option and our Kids Original childrens rugs in South Africa.

Rugs Original indoor outdoor rugs for sale

Outdoor areas are often in high-traffic areas, and are exposed to different weather conditions so need to be resilient, durable, mold- and mildew-resistant, as well as easy to maintain. If it’s an entertainment area, you’ll have wine and food spills; and messy kids and dirty dogs thrown into the mix.

There has been immense innovation in the indoor outdoor rugs market, where rugs made with synthetic fibres, look fabulous, and offer superior benefits. There’s no need to ruin a good natural rug, when you have so much in the synthetic range to choose from for your ‘room’ outside.

It’s tempting to put that gorgeous brightly-coloured Oriental rug on your patio to provide a pop of colour but it’s not the best idea. An outdoor rug should make your‘outside room’ look fabulous, not scruffy or drab because it’s weather-worn. It’s going to ruin the look you’re going for if it’s a faded, stained and moldy rug.

Let’s look at your options:

  • Natural-fibre rugs

    Natural fibres used in quality rugs include sisal, hemp, jute and seagrass which produce strong, impact-absorbent material which have depth and texture.

  • Sisal: a natural fibre obtained from the long, green leaves of the ‘agave sisalana’cactus plant which grows in semi-arid regions in Africa and Brazil
  • Hemp: a versatile, strong and durable natural fibre extracted from the cannabissativa plant family; historically used for rope and sails
  • Jute: long, soft and shiny vegetable fibre extracted from a herbaceous plant and spun into coarse, strong threads
  • Seagrass: raw material extracted from a long grass species that grows along the coast of China

Synthetic rugs

There are four major types of synthetic fibres available to rug manufacturers to produce durable and hard-wearing outdoor rugs:

  • Polyester: has a high-luster, vibrant appearance which gives outdoor rugs their beautiful, shiny colour; ideal for outdoors because it is a closed-cell fibre which makes it stain resistant; it’s more eco-friendly than other synthetic fibres and is recyclable
  • Nylon; a popular synthetic fibre used for outdoor rugs because its highly resilient, durable, stain resistant and easy to maintain
  • Olefin/Polypropylene: has a wool-like appearance with a finish that ranges from matte to high sheen; it is less resilient than the other synthetic fibres and best suited for low-traffic areas because it doesn’t ‘bounce back’ as quickly when walked or stood on; it’s highly stain-resistant but poor on soil-resistant
  • Triexta: an eco-friendly fibres that’s new in the rug world; regarded as more durable and resilient than polyester fibre with a more matte finish; it’s naturally stain resistant and softer than conventional synthetic fibres

Which pile material is best for outdoor rugs?

For outdoor use, you’re looking for maximum durability from a rug, particularly if it’sin an area with high foot traffic. It mustn’t fade in direct sunlight, and it must be light weight so the rug can be rolled up and put away, if need be, when not in use.Most importantly, your outdoor rug must propel water, rather than absorb it so it doesn’t grow mould or mildew.

In short, synthetic rugs deliver these benefits in addition to being easy to clean.Water-based spills sit on top of the fibre and can be wiped away with a cloth. The same applies to dust and dirt; it just needs a good vacuum once or twice a week.

Save your rugs made from natural fibres for indoors because they’re not suitable for an outdoor space. They’re more likely to fade in direct sunlight, tend to be less resilient and durable, and absorb lots of water (spillage or rainfall) which makes them more prone to developing mould and mildew.

Which weave is best for outdoors?

Flat-weave rugs are generally your best choice for an outdoor rug, particularly if it needs to handle high foot traffic as well as direct sunlight and wet or moist conditions. The flat-weave can be hand-woven but it’s better if it’s machine-made where the fibres are tightly woven and the pile is short.

An outdoor rug with a long, shaggy pile will absorb water and dirt which makes it susceptible to mould and mildew, and tends to be a hassle to keep clean.

Get in touch with our professional team to find the perfect solution from our outdoor rugs South Africa range . We look forward to helping you select the best rugs for your home.


1. Where can I buy outdoor rugs?

Rugs Original sells the best quality outdoor rugs to suit any style and budget. We have a wide selection of outdoor rugs that you can buy online. To view our outdoor rugs up close visit one of our stores countrywide.

2. Are outdoor rugs a good idea?

Outdoor rugs don’t need much maintenance because the synthetics used to make outdoor rugs are non-porous, making the rugs stain resistant and ideal for your outdoor space.

3. What is the best material for an outdoor rug?

Natural fibers such as hemp, sisal, jute and seagrass that are very strong, sustainable and absorbent and adds an interesting texture to your outdoor space. Synthetic coverings (polypropylene) come in a wider range of bright colors. Should you need to clean it, simply hose it down, it dries quite quickly.

4. Are outdoor rugs slippery?

Outdoor rugs are made from a tough material that can withstand the elements of Mother Nature. If you are not convinced you can place a non-slip pad underneath the rug.

5. Can outdoor rugs be used indoors?

Yes. Outdoor rugs are made to withstand the various elements of Mother Nature and can handle moisture inside your home, i.e. should you want to place the rug in the bathroom or even the basement.