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A simpler version of the Khal Mohammedi, the Afghan Aaqcha is a highly coveted collection and offers an entry-level price point within the Oriental rug family. Derived from regions in Northern Afghanistan, these hand knotted Oriental rugs are often expressed in hues of red with its signature gõls (elephant like pattern) and octagonal repeating motifs, woven using a combination of wool, goat hair and horsehair. These large elephant foot patterns create unique and individual designs, with no two designs being the same. This level of uniqueness, combinedwith their softness of feel, makes the rugs a firm favourite with homeowners and collectors alike.

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The bold red ochre colour of the Aaqcha rug is one of the many reasons why it has become one of the most eagerly sought-after rugs in the world. Carpet dealers and decorators search far and wide to select and import only the finest quality hand knotted oriental rugs for the homes of clientele and our range far exceeds their expectations. Our range of rugs are available in several shapes and sizes, and they are often competitively priced.

With its locally sourced wool and dyes, the Aaqcha carpet is easy to identify, as these rugs have a striking red hue. As a result, the Aaqcha is also known by another name, Afghan Red. This carpet has far fewer knots than those found on similar rugs, especially those of the Khal Mohammedi, and as such the rugs havea reputation for being far less intricate. But that takes nothing away from the sheer beauty of these spectacular, soft rugs. For anyone looking for real value for money, the Aaqcha delivers. Buyers can look forward to investing in an attention grabbing, hand-knotted rug that is well within their budget.

Generally, the Aaqcha is considered one of the warmer rugs as they are dyed an unforgettable deep red, and painstakingly decorated with elaborate dark blue or black patterned detail. The pattern is an adaptation of the designs which weavers of Turkmen, or Ersari, origin once used, and this design is continuously repeated in columns across the entire rug. These adapted patterns were once quite large but over the years they have grown smaller and smaller, and are today no more than a few inches in diameter. As the patterns have been downscaled, so has the range of colours used which is why today most rugs have only 2 distinct colours. Regardless of the changes, the Afghan rugs remain appealing to many Persian rug collectors.

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1. What is Afghan Aaqcha Oriental rugs?

A simpler version of the Khal Mohammedi, the Afghan Aaqcha is a highly coveted collection, and offers an entry-level price point within the Oriental rug family.

2. What's different about Afghan AAqcha?

The Afghan Aaqcha has a lower knot count and a less intricate design.

3. What does ‘Aaqcha’ in these Oriental rugs mean?

It means “red” – referring to the typical red color of these rugs.

4. Where are Afghan Aaqcha made?

Between Ankoy and Mazari-Sharif in the North of Aghanistan as well as In the Ag Chah region.

5. Why is the Afghan Aaqcha so popular?

Yes. Outdoor rugs are made to withstand the various elements of Mother Nature and can handle moisture inside your home, i.e. should you want to place the rug in the bathroom or even the basement.