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1. What is a Nain design rug?

Nain rugs are made by using the Persian knot and the knot count per square inch ranges between 300-700. The pile of a Nain rug is very high-quality wool that is clipped short. To highlight the details in the design, silk is often used.

2. Why are Nain rugs so popular?

Popular due to their vibrant colors, patterns and medallion or floral designs, Nain rugs often make use of the Islimi motif, made up of multiple star medallions and intertwining vines.

3. What does the Nain Persian rug collection consist of?

The collection offers large rugs, runners and round rugs

4. What are the colors of Nain Persian Rugs?

The colors have been influenced largely by Isfahan rugs. Every shade of blue is used in a Nain rug combined with gray, brown, ivory or cream background. The motif is outlined with white silk. Colors like yellow, orange and green aren’t commonly seen in Nain rugs – it is only used on occasion to highlight a certain design aspect.

5. Who is seen as the “Father of the Nain Rugs?

Fathollah Habibian (1903-1995) - He ran the most famous Nain workshops and has been responsible for the beautiful designs and the weaving of some of the finest Nains the world has ever seen.